Lives of a Gem!

God’s Treasured Possession

We all have one life. That one life exists because of the many lives that came before.  Juel shares her spiritual journey through her many lives.  Each life will inspire, convict, inform, bring tears and laughter. Several of those lives were affected by COVID-19.


This book exists because of God.  Through His Holy Spirit He prompted me to write these pages.  He gave me a great support team before I began to write.

He gave me my husband, Danny, who supports me in whatever I do even when it seems crazy.

He gave me parents, James and Kathryn, who have been in my corner since conception.

He gave me an editor, Amanda Kelsch, who lead me in the way I should go with this book.  While I was still writing, she read Chapter One.  She redirected me down a better path. Later she reviewed the completed manuscript while raising children and writing her own book.

He gave me a second editor, Derek Dixon, who reviewed added and modified chapters.

He gave me Andre A Morgan, III, Graphic Designer, to create the book cover.

Thank you, God, for leading me in Your way and not mine.

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